How Denise’s Began

30 plus years ago a high school friend asked me to cater some appetizers and a cake for her wedding. A short time later in her position as the sales director of the Silver King Hotel in Park City she called to see if I would be interested in doing some catering for groups staying at the Hotel and so it began!

Learning At A Young Age

But, the real story started at the age of 8 when it was my job in the summer to have dinner ready for the crew of teenagers my father would hire each summer to haul the hay on our farm. I would prepare the biggest share of the meal and my mom would come in from the hay field and make gravy or finish what ever was needed to complete the meal. After I finished the clean up my older sister and I would hop on the horse or our bicycles and ride the 3 miles to our grandparents house to help with the evening cow milking. Growing up on a farm taught us the value of hard work but our amazing parents taught us how much fun there can me in that hard day of work! My mother taught me basic cooking skills and my Aunt Lola taught me how to make pie “Her’s were amazing” I learned the art of candy making and chocolate dipping from my Aunt Wilma. My grandmother grew up during the depression era and could take any leftover or garden vegetable and make an amazing meal. Made from scratch comfort food is my love! One of my employees typed up on a recipe of our daily specials and each one says “Put together the ingredients on the list and then have the boss taste it and she will fix it!


Our catering menu is as extensive as your needs. We do weddings, corporate events, large groups, casual or fancy!

We typically don’t go off property for under 50 people but are always glad to do any sized group or menu for an additional charge or pick up!

All of our food is made from scratch, from the hand tenderized, rolled and breaded cordon bleu to the hand rolled pie crust loaded with cream filling that is made with 15 egg yolks and topped with fresh whipped cream. Our mashed potatoes are the real thing peeled by the pounds. Any bread you get from us is made from scratch and baked fresh daily.

We have loads of choices on our menu but if you have specific items in mind let me know and we are happy to customize any need. Our events can be as simple as out door picnic style to beef tenderloin in a burgundy wine sauce with full china service.

Opening The Restaurant

The restaurant came about when another friend asked me to put a bid in to start preparing meals for the Summit County Jail. After being awarded the bid for the jail we fed the inmates 3 meals a day for 10 years. Shortly after friends and townfolks were asking us to open for lunch. We started out in a little house doing just soup and sandwiches and a few baked goods with only 3 tables for sitting. Nine months later our little rental house caught fire and burned one evening. I had to feed the inmates breakfast the next morning so I called the woman who owned the house we have converted to the restaurant and told her I would pay her asking price if she would let me move in that night so that I could feed the inmates breakfast.

The rest is history now after 30 years we are still serving lunch and seasonal dinner to travelers and the amazing supportive folk of our little town. Our lunch menu ranges from the daily hot special, homemade soup 1/3 lb. burgers on a homemade bun, salads, wraps, deli sandwiches and a few made from scratch baked goods. If you want one of our pies or fancy cakes you will need to pre order but with a little notice we are happy to do them anytime.

Through the years the little restaurant has helped raise our 3 amazing children and many teenagers. I have the opportunity to spend each day with people that are not my employees but incredible friends. At one time or another most of my extended family has worked with me. I have an incredible supportive husband that dStoesn’t love the restaurant business but is always there to help. Anytime he walks in the door there is always groceries to be put away, dishes to do, or something that needs to be repaired.

For over 30 years we have tried to provide our community with quality home cooked food. We work hard each day but more important we laugh hard and are a strong shoulder for each other at all times.

Taking Denise’s On The Road

My husband Kent and I along with our dear friends Jed and Crystal Williams purchased the concession trailer in 2016 We along with our children had been doing the Summit County fair for many years and the trailer made life so much easier.

We serve Navajo tacos, taco salads, fries, and loaded fries, but our signature item is the scone dots with homemade honeybutter, raspberry, and strawberry jam.
The dough is made right in the trailer and fried up hot and fresh. Try them once and you will be hooked. When the weather turns cold we add homemade soups. There isn’t much better than a bowl of soup with a fresh scone. Hot chocolate comes in handy at the cold events also.

We take our trailer to fairs and any large event. Give us a call and if possible we will bring it to your wedding or company party!

If you are passing through town come in and join us for a great home cooked meal. Things aren’t fancy here everything is served on a paper plate with plastic utensils, but once you taste our “made with Love” home cooked food we believe you won’t mind casual!